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Electronic payment system (ELAS) is an electronic payment form which allows to unite most bills and notifications about payments into one payment document and to pay such integrated bills by performing just one action. This system combines convenience and usefulness.

The electronic payment system has been created for the residents to make online payments for the services provided by suppliers (energy, public utilities, telecommunications, cable television, apartment security services, kindergartens, etc.) as well as to make all other payments regulated by the state. The form of the electronic documents complies with the actual payment documents ("Pay-book", form f.4, and others), and the payment procedure does not differ from the usual procedure except for the fact that our system is more convenient and has numerous advantages.

the service is free of charge;
the service is convenient to use;
you do not need any cash;
you save your time and do not need to queue;
you may make payments around the clock from home or office, in another city or country;
you may make several payments by performing just one action;
you receive all information about the fees, rates, payment codes, and data obtained from the meters;
you may access the payments history.

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Danske Bank A/S Lietuvos filialas Vilniaus m. savivaldybės įm.

Gedimino Ave. 31, LT-01500 Vilnius,
tel. +370 5 236 4808,
fax. +370 5 262 3623,

e-mail: info@ivpi.lt

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